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How to create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How to create a great crowdfunding project

Everyone can create and publish crowdfunding campaign on PROPOSIZIONE.COM: Individuals, businesses, governments, associations, NGO, universities, foundations ...

What to do:


2. Click on CREATE A PROJECT and fill the required fields.

3. RAISE FUNDING for your project.

4. Thank your donors with your promised rewards and start working to create your project, now you are the MAKER OF YOUR SUCCESS!


How to do it:

The success of a project begins with good planning and communication.

Pay particular attention to project's TITLE: Make sure it contains the essence of the project.

You have to hit your potential supporters and encourage them to read the project's description. They have to understand it and believe in you and in your project.


Choose carefully the PROJECT TYPE: you can create a project with a fixed goal (you will receive funds only if you catch the goal) or with a flexible one (you will receive funds in any case).

Calculate carefully your project's finance needs: you have to set a goal. 

Create a to-do list.

Assign each activity a cost, duration, and an order. Estimate a small percentage of extra funds for contingencies.

Remember to add a 5% for PROPOSIZIONE.COM fee and another few percentage for PayPal commissions because they are your responsibility.

The total amount is your project's goal.

Choose carefully the awards, they must be awesome and special.

Create awards for large and for small donations.

Each donor must be happy with his reward and must communicate it to all of his contacts. Only in this way you will increase your donors and will achieve your goal. If you have problems creating the awards, you can ask local companies to sponsor your project with their gadgets, they will receive back a lot of advertising. 

Create your editorial plan. Talk about your project, write a short description and a long one. The short description will explain the reason why donors should support your project. The long description will be your project's core. Explain very well the type of project, its costs and make sure you let donors understand that you have the right skills to make the project a reality.

Text must be simple and concrete. if you want to tell a story, use and repeat the project's keywords, try to emotionally captivate donors, show your project's true value and importance.

Create a nice video.

Remember that many people can't watch a video during working hours, so remember to add other types of presentations such as podcasts or powerpoint slides.

Always create clear information and always remember to keep in touch with your donors, for example with a daily quiz, a fun game. Use the integrated social network to improve your communication.

Sociality. Talk with others and participate in their projects. Listen and answer all the questions, you receive, you must be always present during your crowdfunding campaign. If you make promises, you must respect them.

Always thank your donors.

Spontaneity. Be yourself, if you are a beginner do not hide it, very often beginners create most innovative projects.

Create your campaign of


and start to raise funds for your projects!


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