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Frequently Asked Questions


PROPOSIZIONE.COM is a crowdfunding platform, a collective funding raising system. On PROPOSIZIONE.COM you can submit a project, promote it and users and visitors can fund it with donations. The integrated social network allows direct collaboration between designers and funders.


First, sign up for free to PROPOSIZIONE.COM (or sign in with your Facebook Account). Once registered you can create and support projects. Moreover, not-members can view projects.

Who can support a project?

Any registered user on PROPOSIZIONE.COM with an active Paypal account. Paypal is a worldwide online payment system with more than 5 million users only in Italy. For more informations you can visit:

Who can submit a project on PROPOSIZIONE.COM?

Every person of age over 18 can sign up and start a crowdfunding campaign on PROPOSIZIONE.COM: private citizens, Italian or foreign ons, sports and cultural associations, ONLUS and NGO, foundations, companies, etc.. The designer must also have a verified Paypal account to receive payments.

Why do projects have a start and a end date?

The start date is when you can view the project on website and start to raise funds. The end date indicates the deadline to collect donations. A project can raise funds from 15 to 50 days. Once you decide the campaign duration you can’t modify it anymore by yourself.

Why projects have a Funding to Achieve?

Funding to Achieve is the minimum amount required by the designer to make the project. Once set the sum, it can not be changed anymore. Only if the project achieves or exceeds the minimum amount required, donations are credited to the designer. Otherwise funds returns to donors. If the campaign is FLEXIBLE, achieved funds will be credited even if the project doesn't reach the goal, but only if funds have exceeded €10.000.

What is a donation?

Who is supporting a project can donate a sum of money via PayPal. At the end of the project, if the requested funding has been reached, the donations will be credited to the designer’s PayPal verified account, otherwise every donations will be refunded to donors.

Can I propose donors to become partners of my project?

PROPOSIZIONE.COM is a reward-based crowdfunding platform and doesn't provide mechanisms for creating corporate links between designers and donors. Of course the designer can enter into agreements and partnerships outside of the platform in accordance with the regulations in force. We recommend in every case to ask for advice to a specialist who will surely recommend the best practice.

What are incentives for donations?

The designer offers rewards to incentive for donations. This may be: a simple “thank-you”, products, show tickets, or anything that the imagination can suggest. An economically or emotionally desirable reward is a great tool to improve donations.

What happens at the end of a project?

If the campaign achieves or exceeds the minimum amount required, donations will be credited to the project owner's PayPal account. The Project Owner will receive donors data to contact them and send them the respective promised rewards. In case of success of the project PROPOSIZIONE.COM will retain the 5% of the collected amount as management fees (commission) in addition to the PayPal fees . If the goal is not reached PROPOSIZIONE.COM will refund donations to every donor without any fee for the project owner. (NOTE: in case of FLEXIBLE campaign it will be anyway compulsory to reach the sum of €10.000 to receive the achieved funds, otherwise every donor will be refunded) 

How can I know when a project expires?

When a project ends, PROPOSIZIONE.COM sends to each project-owner and to donors an e-mail with the final result of the project.

Donating provides any project ownership? No. Any donation, of any size and in any case, don't gives the right to the intellectual property or allows you to have a sum, once the project works or produces something.

Is it possible to donate anonymously?

Yes. Normally when a donor makes a donation, he appears in the list of the project donors, but you can also choose to not appear. In any case, any people can see the amount of the offer. If the project is successful, it is communicated to the designer the donors list and their e-mail addresses to get in touch with them. The anonymous donor's data will not be communicated to the designer.

How can I get assurances about the credibility and good faith of a designer?

Crowdfunding, like other forms of online trading, is based on the principle of mutual control among users. Each designer signs up, sends information, photos, links, and communicates directly with other members of the community through the social network on PROPOSIZIONE.COM or via e-mail. The designer's activity makes himself faithfull or not. Every member talking to each other reports any possible problem. Moreover PROPOSIZIONE.COM examines every project and may request to every designer more personal informations and can block a project if any inconsistency is found.

Does PROPOSIZIONE.COM select projects?

PROPOSIZIONE.COM tries to establish legality, credibility and feasibility of projects. The staff of PROPOSIZIONE.COM will respond to all designers explaining the reasons why a project doesn't start.

How can I build a presentation of my project?

Log in with your nickname and password, click on "create a project" and fill out the required fields. It is very easy, but if you want to receive more informations to create a better and successful campaign, you can check our guides. If you have any doubts, don't worry, contact us and we will help you!

How do I determine the Funding to Achieve? Set yourself a realistic goal. Compile a list of activity to be performed. Assign a cost to each activity, duration, and an order of realization. Calculate a small percentage for contingencies. The total sum is the goal. Don't forget to add a 5% for PROPOSIZIONE.COM commissions and another percentage for bank and PayPal costs. Also don't forget the cost of rewards and shipping costs for each of them.

What happens if the project reaches the required funding before its end?

A project that reaches the required amount before the deadline can continue to accumulate funds until the official deadline.

Why make a crowdfunding campaign, in addition to funding?

Publicity for your idea, experience in the design, many new contacts with people... but there are many more benefits, that you can find in our guide!

Does PROPOSIZIONE.COM retain a commission on donations? PROPOSIZIONE.COM retains royalty on the project idea?

If a project reaches its goal, PROPOSIZIONE.COM will keep the 5% of the sum as commission (in addition to the PayPal fees). Otherwise it will keep nothing. PROPOSIZIONE.COM never keep any property rights in a project idea.

Is it used PayPal to retain the commission?

Yes, but only for designers, and only if the project ends with a success.

A project can be stopped once started?

No, the fundraising campaign must continue until the deadline date. PROPOSIZIONE.COM can also keep online projects after their expiration date.

How do I know that no-one will steal my idea?

The intellectual property is protected by the laws of each Country. To publicize an idea and to collect funds can indicate the designer's authorship. Also, if you start a crowdfunding campaign on PROPOSIZIONE.COM your idea must be already planned and even developed and it will be very difficult to copy it in a short time.

Can I change the project once I started a crowdfunding campaign?

You can update the project informations and use the social network to add more details, images and news to increase your donors, but you CAN NOT change the goal or the end date.

Can a project reach a maximum?

No, a project can raise donations in unlimited way, until the end date.

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