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Crowdfunding for Foundations

Social projects with crowdfunding

A Foundation is a private non-profit organization, which have money for certain purposes: religious, cultural, educational, scientific or other purposes.

There are many purposes to achieve, but a lack of funds.

Sign up for free on PROPOSIZIONE.COM. Economic difficulties will be just a memory.

As a Foundation, you can propose to designers with good ideas to sign up for free on PROPOSIZIONE.COM and let them start a crowdfunding campaign.

Result: multiplied funds and projects made.

You will have to share your projects with your contacts and to keep alive the interest of the crowd to the project.

In this way you will give credibility to designers and their campaigns.

Sign up for free your Foundation on PROPOSIZIONE.COM and you will have the most modern and the best tool to achieve your goal.

The Foundation will get a lot of advertisement and donors will realize their ideas and projects.

Foundations usually operate for specific purposes in specific territories, Crowdfunding is the best solution to achieve these purposes.

Projects with a regional focus attract the support of the involved community, the proximity of donors assures the support of the project, actually the identification with a project creates excitement in donors.

Very often projects presented to a Foundation deal with social problems; Crowdfunding helps people to create projects to help other people.

People understand the value of a project if it is important at local level, or if it creates jobs in their community.


The world is changing and, fortunately, it's getting better! Sign up for free your Foundation on PROPOSIZIONE.COM and promote your projects with us!

Create your campaign of


and start to raise funds for your projects!


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