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Crowdfunding for Cultural Heritage

Help culture and art with crowdfunding

Our Cultural Heritage is falling into ruin. Conserve it!


Cultural Heritage is not old and expensive, it is a resource and can create jobs.

Buildings, objects, places, of our cultural heritage can make territory richer through tourism.

Cultural Heritage becomes Economic Heritage thanks to Crowdfunding and PROPOSIZIONE.COM

Create a Cultural Heritage project and you will get: visibility of your territory, services, hotels and restaurant and more.

Crowdfunding donations are made for a specific project. Donors know exactly how their money are used, without corruption, and for this reason they can donate higher amounts.

The Cultural Heritage salvation will attract many tourists for many years, promoting jobs and local activities.

Little things help to solve big problems. A Crowdfunding campaign on PROPOSIZIONE.COM is free and allows you to show the infinite beautiness of a territory, it allows you to improve and to start a virtuous situation especially convenient for every citizen.

Projects may be presented by: cultural heritage institutes, innovative social start-up, cultural associations, universities, foundations, museums, local governments, state governments...

Your company can create a crowdfunding campaign on PROPOSIZIONE.COM, offering donors your services or your products as rewards. So thanks to your active participation, your company would have free advertising and a positive image.

The salvation of an archaeological heritage or of an ancient or modern art masterpiece, give huge benefits to the community and to the economy.

Let's start thinking in a new way!

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