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Crowdfunding for Architecture

Help architecture with crowdfunding

The Crowdfunding, or collective funding, offers excellent opportunities for architecture and construction, both for technicians and for the community of citizens.

Until now, technicians such as engineers, architects or surveyors, participated only partially to the process of projects financing.

Crowdfunding campaign increases the role of the technical aspect, providing new business models and new communication tools.

Through Crowdfunding, technicians have the opportunity to work together with local communities discussing, developing and implementing ideas to get more and more projects.

This way of working creates new job opportunities in the short and long term, for both technicians and for community of citizens.

For the success of an architectural project financed by a Crowdfunding campaign it's important that the project has a collective goal and a shared interest.

It may happen that an innovative project both in design and in philosophy, affects a small community. In this case it has a little chance of getting funding through conventional ways.

However, this type of project, with high emotional values, can have the great advantage of attracting the interest of the whole Community.

This kind of interest can be multiplied through a Crowdfunding campaign.

Here there is an example of a redesign of a public space to improve its usability for the benefit of the whole community.

The project designer, engaging Citizens through the social networks, will choose the new services for young people, old ones and families.

The community's active participation provides an implicit approval of the project and increases the chances for the project to be funded by many private donations.

Moreover every citizen, helped by the Designer, can establish new working relationships, which can be transformed into new businesses between all the companies involved in the project.

Designer, Citizens, Contractors, and Supporters communicate directly and openly, to define the final architectural project.

This new type of approach makes possible to optimize costs and to listen to the Community needs as it has never been possible before.

With Crowdfunding you can finance all kind of projects: pedestrian bridges, religious structures, museums, parks... in short, every intervention that improves the territory.

The use of Crowdfunding develops relationships between people and supports local economy by funding new projects and creating new jobs.

The "crowd" prefers flexible projects with strong emotional appeal and with a connection with the territory and with the community.

The Designer must establish a relationship of faith with donors who must recognize in him the creativity and the ability to manage the project.

This means that technicians will greatly benefit of a crowdfunding campaign because they can improve their method of working and increase their creativity and flexibility.

Thanks to the close relationship with the Community, they will be able to promote, explain and improve services they offer, and their visibility will grow a lot. This result is very difficult and expensive to be obtained via traditional advertising.

The same rules apply to any other kind of crowdfunding project: just decide the funding goal, plan how money will be spent and communicate it in an new interesting way. If a project exists only on paper, it can be presented in a crowdfunding campaign as a very urgent need for the Community.

You can plan activities for every funding step achieved, moreover if a project is already in progress, you can explain that if the campaign doesn't reach the goal, probably the project can be abandonment, wasting the already used money and leaving the work unfinished.

Truth, clarity and transparency are always essentials and decisives. One project already in progess is perceived as easier to complete, so it can attract more donors because they can feel they are already at "halfway".

Architectural projects can make donors feel they are close to the goal by involving Public Authority or external companies. If donors know municipality, foundations or banks will invest in the project, they will feel more confident and they will contribute with more and more donations.

Public Institutions may declare that they will finance the project even if it won't reach the goal.

In this case the motivator mechanism brings donors to finance the project, with interest and expectation. Donors can have multiple reasons to support a campaign and their contribution can go over the donations by itself.

The "crowd" identified in the project, can help to share and create interest in the project. When the designer makes the video or a written presentation, he should always look to emotionate donors and to make them identificate with the project.

For example, to create interest in a pedestrian bridge to cross a busy street, you can simply say that the city is cut in two halves by the traffic, and then you can present the project with costs and implementation time.

Many citizens feel involved and recognize the importance of a project if you show it in the right way. Outline the problem and suggest a workable solution means to successfully conduct a crowdfunding campaign. On the contrary, for example, to reconstruct a sacred building damaged by an earthquake, the designer will have to focus on the urgency of the project rather than on its implementation. 

A Community hit by a natural disaster need help to find unity and hope.

In this case, creating emotion means to try to reactivate the community's faith towards themselves, by making them share and participate to the same project.

In case the project, once completed, creates a desirable product or service, it can offer, as a reward for donors, a free service.

In this way you do not have the need to emotionate the crowd, however the identification and the emotional components remain the best ways to advertise a campaign.

Create emotion and identification also help to attract people attention far from the designer's business vision, increasing the number of donors.

To create interest in people not emotionally linked to the project, you can count on the enthusiasm of most involved donors, and take advantage of their friends network to promote the campaign, but you must also have a communication strategy to show the project consistency.

Every crowdfunding campaign must be credible and honest all the time: Crowdfunding campaign awakens public opinion.

A project that creates collaboration between the Municipal Administration, Citizens, Technicians and Local Associations, can aggregate people and increase civic and political awareness.

There are many possibilities with the Crowdfunding, by signing up for free on PROPOSIZIONE.COM and presenting a project, you will discover many other way to use the great tool of the collective funding.

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