Advisors - PROPOSIZIONE.COM - PROPOSIZIONE.COM Sat, 24 Aug 2019 20:30:19 +0200 PROPOSIZIONE.COM - Crowdfunding en-gb (PROPOSIZIONE.COM) Matteo-TadoltiWas born in Macerata (MC) in 1976.

In 2005 he graduated at the University of Macerata in Communication Sciences with specialization in Mass Communication.

Graphic designer and technology expert, after a period of specialization and work abroad (University of Boras - Sweden, Dublin Fringe Festival - Ireland) he starts collaborations with universities and local companies offering consulting and developing services for Internet and for the optimization of new and emerging technologies related to the Information Technology field.

Today he is specialized in SEO techniques and web-marketing dynamics, he deals with the creation and development of portals and websites for local and foreign companies and offers consultancy for business optimization.

Since 2006 he is lecturer for the course "Multimedia Communication" at the University of Macerata.


]]> (PROPOSIZIONE.COM) Advisors Bruno-BorracciniHe was born in Tolentino (MC) in 1960.

In September 1983 he was one of the founders of the theater group La Compagnia Della Rancia.

In 1987, he specializes in Arts & Entertainment Management at the AMAT in Ancona and becomes the Events Manager of the Theatre Vaccaj of Tolentino and meanwhile he deals with administrative, financial and development task of Compagnia Della Rancia, until he becomes its CEO in the period 1999-2003.

In this role, he participates to the growing of the theater group in Italy with shows like "Grease" with Lorella Cuccarini, "Some Like It Hot" with Alessandro Gassman and Gianmarco Tognazzi, "Hello Dolly" with Loretta Goggi and Paolo Ferrari, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with Raffaele Paganini, "The Sound of Music" with Michelle Hunziker and Luca Ward.

With the licensing company Bottega International Srl, he collaborates with the major international agencies of the theater market (Music Theatre International, William Morris Agency, Samuel French Inc.) for the management of some of the most successful Broadway musicals rights in Italy.

He was the creator of Prenofacile, a computerized ticketing service for events and shows, now merged in the network

Between 2003 and 2005 he was on the Forumnet Theatres Board of Directors (Cabassi Group - Forum - Milan).

He was member of the working group that designed and launched the Teatro della Luna of Assago Milan - in which he had the role of the Event Manager in 2004-2005 making it the best italian theater for number of viewers (source: AGIS -Journal of the Spectacle).

In 2006 he founded Project Leader Srl, a company that deals with the production and organization of live events, collaborating in last years with various artistic directors including Maurizio Costanzo and Arturo Brachetti.

Project Leader has produced and collaborated, among others, the following events:

  • Prose Season Teatro Parioli - Rome - Art Director Maurizio Costanzo;
  • TV broadcast RAIUNO "All women except me" with Massimo Ranieri - Management Orchestra " Academy of the Dragonfly " - Cinecittà Rome;
  • Italian production "The Man of a Thousand Faces " with Arturo Brachetti - JPR Paris;
  • Production "Tell Me" with Christian De Sica - Giacaranda Rome;
  • Prose Season Teatro Brancaccio - Rome - Art Director Maurizio Costanzo;
  • Production "One step from the dream" with Boys Friends of Maria De Filippi - Giacaranda Rome;
  • Production "Great Variety Brachetti" with Arturo Brachetti - Art Brachetti Turin;
  • Ambrosian Carnival 2010 - Piazza Duomo - Milan City Production "Shooting is underway!" Arturo Brachetti - JPR Paris;
  • Production "Remember Pavarotti" - Murciano Initiatives / Pavarotti Foundation;
  • Since 2011 Programming" Conciliation Live" - Conciliation Auditorium Rome;
  • 2013: Festival "Rome meets the World - Villa Ada" in collaboration with ARCI Rome.
]]> (PROPOSIZIONE.COM) Advisors Matteo-TadoltiMatteo Tadolti was born in Loreto (AN) in 1978.

In 2004 He graduates in History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Macerata's University. He specialized in Archeology, with a thesis of "History of Art and Greek and Roman Archaeology".

In 2005 he attends the "Archaeological Heritage Management Course" by participating in the "Project Archeosites" (spAtial integRated enhanCement of arcHaEOlogical SITES), made possible thanks to the "Interreg IIIB CADSES" European Social Fund.
He begin to work in the field of "emergency archeology", collaborating with Public Administrations and companies dealing with Cultural Heritage. He worked as foreman, topographer, cartographer, GIS and CAD operator, photogrammetric operator, cataloguer, designer, technical reports editor, expert and lecturer.

In 2005 he works in the ROME Project (ROman ancient Greek and amber routes, innovative Methodologies and measures connecting Europe) with the purpose of mapping the territory to create a both historical and modern GIS; of supporting the engineers crew with the creation of the monuments 3D models (via 3D advanced laser scanning); of analyzing monuments to identify the historical periods; of supporting the website creation and the scientific publishing. of lecturing and reporting on the work and on the historical-archeological methods used.

In 2005 he works in the University of Macerata for the TAU Project - United Ancient Theatres - (Interreg IIIA) with the purpose of creating the archaeological survey of Hadrianopolis Roman Theater via photogrammetry and CAD.
After that he joins the "Italian Archaeological Mission in Albania - Discovering Sofratike (Hadrianopolis) and Drino's Valley areas", in which He's still working on to create the Drino's Valley Archaeological Map and the relative topographic and photogrammetric surveys.

In 2007 he is co-founder of Abaco Cooperative Company that operates in the field of archeology by providing services for the Cultural Heritage in both Public and Private Institutions.
Today he is CEO of Abaco Cooperative Company (